Saturday, November 10, 2007

Candy, Candy, we got Candy

So, what do you do when you've had all the Halloween candy you can stand. When the idea of just one more "fun-sized" Snickers doesn't sound like all that much fun anymore. When your teeth ache from a near-lethal dose of high-fructose corn syrup....
I had this wonderous and original idea to ask our neighbors to donate any left-over Halloween candy so I could send it to the Medical units. I also passed the word around a few people in my office. Well, it worked great. I got stacks and bags and googles of candy. I also got emails from people around the country who stole my idea weeks in advance of me originating it, though some magical time-travel into the future idea-stealing thing. So our medics are getting dozens and dozens of boxes of candy in the next week or so.

One neighborhood contributed 20 boxes, and are mailing it to a bunch of medics right now. A girl-scout troop in North Hampton, NY including Nicole, Sarah, Meagan, Francesca and her brother Peter(who apparently got roped into the project, and is already learning about the power women in uniform hold over men) wrote me wanting to contribute all their Halloween candy to some soldiers.
This is great timing, since it's cool enough to mail chocolate over there now, and most of the soldiers in Iraq have been going through major Hershey withdrawal for months now.

And then there is Soldier's Angels Susan who has a friend that collected and shipped 275 pounds (that equates to roughly 12,000,000,000 calories, 900 cavities and hundreds of happy soldiers - but who's counting) to our troops.
So, thanks to all the wonderful folks back home who have thought of yet another way to support our medics and sent a little taste of back-home to them.


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