Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alien Machines Attack US Military in Qatar!

Well, at least they did in the Transformers movie. My son saw it with his girlfriend last weekend and said it was awesome. He's 20, and I remember the toys and the cartoon show and figured, yeah, I'm sure it's great for kids.

Well, he was so pumped up about it we decided to go last night, and brought my 16 y/o step daughter along. He was right. It was awesome.

The movie is funny, with incredible special effects and the script was pretty well-written. And there is a scene where enemy transformer attacks a US special forces team in the desert. They call in an air strike (using a borrowed credit card to call the Pentagon long-distance in one of the funniest scenes of the movie).

A Predator does a fly-over, followed by a couple of A-10's and finally a Specter gunship. Whoever made this movie knows a thing or two..and they protrayed the military as having their act together. Even the Secretary of Defense (John Voight in a great role) grabbed a shot-gun and kicked ass when needed.

So I give it five stars for fun, and even the ladies enjoyed it.



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