Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Just before Memorial Day a few weeks ago, I was headed into the post office. A reporter from the local paper: the Kane County Chronicle - was doing man in the street interviews on "what does Memorial Day mean to you". Well, they picked the right guy for that! I also gave him my Soldier's Angels business card and suggested that if they ever have a slow news day over at the paper, to call me up.

Sure enough, last week he called and wanted to do a story on Soldier's Angels. The reporter was very thorough - he even tracked down Patti and talked to her by phone. He asked for one of my medical contacts and emailed him some questions, too. I thought he did a nice job of the article - made it about Soldier's Angels and what we're doing, rather than just focus on one person's role.

So I checked the paper's website and there was the story.

I am happy to note that a local newspaper, (and the Kane Country Chronicle has tens of thousands of readers) can write a story about supporting our troops without adding rhetoric against the war, or the military or the government. You know; report the news in an impartial and professional manner. It would be nice if the national media could take note and learn a thing or two.

Anyway, I ran down to the local drugstore to buy a copy of the paper and to my surprise, this story (and my face) were on the front page. I couldn't resist pointing it out to the pretty young cashier, who gushed "ohmigod, that's you!". Then I got home and saw I had an email from the local radio station - they saw the article and wanted to interview me the very next day! I called them up and they said "too late, we already filled the time slot". I asked if maybe we could do it another day? Nah.

I guess it's just as well. Now I can fade back into obscurity and go out in public again without throngs of women chasing me for an autograph. Well, ok, that didn't actually happen but it was kinda nice to imagine.



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