Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our Very Own Angel Robin Meets Lt. Dan Himself

Robin, who is one of our Soldier's Angels managers and has been involved in this group forever was in Washington, DC for the Memorial Day parade and event. While there, she met actor Gary Sinise, and.....I'll let her tell the story.
I was lucky enough to see him and introduce myself. I am not shy when it comes to SA. He was at the Parade to ride on the float with our wounded warriors from Walter Reed

I thanked him ( on behalf of SA) for being a spokesperson and stepping up on so many occassions to speak on behalf of our troops and the wounded.

He told me that when he was visiting Anaconda he got one of our backpacks and he talked about one of the special blankets that was inside. You could see his eyes light up, remembering.

He told me the backpacks are REALLY needed and was so glad we sent them/ He hugged me...yep I got a hug from the man himself. No pictures to prove it buy my daughter Rachael is my
witness. -Robin

Mr. Sinise is very involved in supporting our troops and in my opinion, is one hell of an guy. I am constantly reading about one activity after another that he is involved with in supporting our troops. He's not a celebrity who wears a ribbon on his jacket and leaves it at that.

And the realization that he remembers our First Response Backpacks for the wounded and those wonderful Blankets of Hope we send, well I'm a little star-struck.

Thanks Gary, for all you do.



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