Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary to my world's best wife

OK, personal note here. I'd like to dedicate today's entry to my smart, sexy and funny wife DJ as we celebrate our 6th year of marriage. She is my rock and my center and I am really lucky we found each other, and that she was willing to abandon her common sense long enough to marry me.

It's a second spin around the dance floor for both of us. The difference this time is that it just gets better and better - no matter what happens.

One month before our wedding, she got down-sized. Five months after the wedding, I got downsized. We attempted to blend two sets of snarly teen-aged kids into one family with only limited sucess. But we never let them play us against each other, and never stopped loving them even while they conspired, threatened to move out, did move out, told the other parents what ogres we were and have eventually started to mature into fairly reasonable human beings.

She works 90 hours a week to build our business and gives me gentle motivators like:

-"I really appreciate that you know how to do the accounting"


-"If I catch you watching TV during the day, I will stab you"

I keep the books, help with the non-creative side of things, and try to reassure her that it's ok to earn 20 cents an hour because it's our own business.
We downsized from our big house in a suburban nightmare development to a 70 year-old garden spot with no family room and no mortgage, and we love it.
So happy anniversary, sweetie. Thanks for calling me.


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