Saturday, March 03, 2007

399th CSH Opens New Hospital - And Gives back to Soldier's Angels

The 399th Combat Support Hospital unit recently moved to Anbar province to open a new CSH facility there. The goal is to have a local faclity so the Marines and Army don't have to fly all their casualties out. Getting a casualty into a hospital within the first "Golden Hour" greatly increases his odds of survival.

I've been working with our contact there, Major Terri O. to get them whatever they needed. The military provides the basics, of course, but Angels help fill in the rest to make things just a little easier for the medics and patients.

What does a brand new hospital need? To date, we've sent coffee pots, microwaves, funds to purchase TV's, DVD players and video games to equip their wards. SA and our volunteer Angels have also sent blankets, sheets, sweat shirts, snacks by the ton, DVD movies, coffee, cocoa, microwave get the idea.

Now here is the neat thing, a couple of soldiers in that unit started (its a health website) where you can track your wight-lifting progress and buy t-shirts. They split the profits between Soldiers Angels and Adopt a Soldier. It is growing by leaps and bounds. The said they "wanted to give back to organizations that are helping us. "
Here's what their website says - We are supporting Soldiers Angels through the sale of gear. Troops supporting troops.
THANK YOU, 399th.



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