Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Meet Our Newest Medics

This is our newest contact and all-around neat medic Spc. Bobby and some of his crew from the Joint Services Team Aid Station. The two huge guys in the back are visitors from the Raider's Football team and it appears they brought along a couple of cheerleaders from the team, too.

Here's our very own Specialist. making the visitors feel at home, what a great guy to go out of his way like that!

Seriously, though, this is one busy aid station, and they see a lot of injured soldiers. The American, British, Canadian, Australian and Dutch medics work together to take care of them.

They just reached out to Soldier's Angels this week to see how we can work together and give them some extra support. We've started shipping them some of our Tranistional Backpacks for the wounded, along with coffee, extra clothing and toiletries for the wounded soldiers.

Bobby and I are working together to gather some of the things the medics need, and get them sent to his unit.

Stay tuned for more on this unit.

Soldier's Angels


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