Friday, December 15, 2006

A story from a cold, wet night in Afghanistan

Here is a story sent me by Lt Col Ron A., who we just made contact with two weeks ago. Ron heads a group of 40 American medics in Afghanistan, who are helping the Afghani Army set up their hospital system. He said our medics don't have access to a PX, and they really need toiletries and over the counter cold medicines for themselves.
There are two female medics in the group, and 38 males.

If you can help, email me at rogerfg22 at for his address.


The night after I got back I was working late. I left about 2300 hrs to head back to my safe house. It was freezing out and the snow was coming down for the second day in a row. As I was heading through the garrison I saw a three Humvee convoy coming towards me. They are required to have on Force Protection solider walking in front of each vehicle. I also saw the gunners in each turret with their 240 an 50 caliber machine guns. It was dark and as I started to pass them I was thinking about how cold the guys in the turret must be. Force Protection are the soldiers who protect us by doing patrols and convoy escorts. They also guard the gates and our towers.

Well as I said, it was dark, cold and wet and the last thing I expected any of them to do was render me a salute. I felt so much pride as they passed me and each one of them honored me with a sharp salute.

I went to their Commander the next day and told him my story. When I got done I told him about this incredible organization call "Soldiers Angels" that had been so generous. I then had a couple people help me carry half of what you sent us into their office for them to enjoy. He thanked me and seemed overwhelmed also by your organizations generosity.

I was deployed to Kabul Afghanistan to help support the Afghan Army and Police Medical system.

The Taliban was in control of most of Afghanistan until 2001 when the United States came in to rid this country of the terrorist. Our goal is to plan, program, and implement reform of the Afghan Police and Defense sector to develop a stable Afghanistan.

We are not occupying Afghanistan like Iraq. We are trying to build a strong infrastructure so that when we leave the Taliban, insurgents and drug lords will not be able to take over this country again.

My job is to travel down range to our forward operating bases in Herat, Mazare Sarif, Gardez and Kandahar to open 50 bed hospitals for the Afghan National Army. The United States is building and outfitting the entire hospital to include training. They currently have a 3rd world country medical system.

I am proud to be an American and serve my country by helping others. I feel we have made an incredible difference in the lives of the Afghanistan people. This will translate into their country being able to stand on their own and not let terrorism breed here that will later affect our great country.

I and my fellow warriors have made many sacrifices. We have missed birthdays, anniversaries, Holidays and our homes. Yet I have not found one soldier that regrets being here and doing their duty.

I plan on writing each of the wonderful people who had their return address on the shipping label of the boxes. I would appreciate if you could convey our appreciation to the rest of the incredible people behind the scenes.

I wish you a Happy Holidays; please keep all our armed forces in your prayers.



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