Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Meet the Medics - Part Two

Here are some more of the medics that Soldier's Angels has been supporting:

I am the Officer in Charge of the Al Asad surgical Company located at Al Asad Base in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq. We provide the first level of care for those injured that need surgery. In other words, they come to us directly from the point of injury. We have been busy, but it is rewarding to have the opportunity to save so many lives that would have been lost if it wasn't for our efforts. I lead a great group of nurses, corpsman and marines who work every day, and all day, if necessary. There are no such things as weekends for us until we make it back home.I recently received several boxes of coffee and backpacks (loaded with great items). Attached are some pictures of my staff with the coffee. The back packs go to our injured marines/soldiers as something "special" before they are MEDEVAC'd to higher levels of care.Your notes are especially nice to read – some by those who have first hand experience in previous conflicts. We thank you for your kindness and rest assured every item is appreciated and will be used.CDR Richard S., MC, USNOIC, Al Asad Surgical

The nurses at Al Asad, with some of that great coffee we send by the ton...

The E/R team at Al Asad. They got coffee too.

The Mustang Aviation Health Clinic at
HHC 1-108th AVN BN/36th CAB


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