Sunday, October 08, 2006

Angels deliver support to the Balad E/R just in time!

We recently started supporting the main base hospital at Balad Air Base. This is the largest military hospital in the middle-east. This hospital cares for American military as well as Iraqi children.

Thanks to our generous Angels, we are already making a difference! Here's an email I just received:

Well I have received Blankets,Flip flops, and some games, let me tell you the timing was perfect. We got a patient - a 3 year old - with burns and we had nothing as far as diapers and sure enough the next day I had Diapers big enough for him in my mail, then yesterday I received the blankets and we had 12 American patients that we used them on so they wouldn't have to use the itchy wool ones. Today I recieved flip flops and we currently have 5 patients here waiting to fly out to Germany that needed them. I also took some of the blankets to the ICU and wards for the soldiers and gave them to the 4 children we currently have in our facility. The blankets where wonderful! Such a big hit! We have been getting really busy which is not good, means too many people being injured. Well I must get to work. Thanks for everything. SrA Shannon. G., E/R

This unit needs:
Twin sized sheets, any color (new and unwashed)
Pillows and pillow-cases, standard size (new)
Bath towels - any color (new and unwashed)
Flip-flops in large sizes
Body wash - male scented

Diapers and pull-ups- sizes newborn to 6 year old
Children's clothing (can be gently used):
Newborn to 6 year old
Long dresses for girls age 10 - teen (young women can't wear shorts and t-shirts)
Powdered Baby Formula
Sippy cups
Baby Bottles

Please email me at rogerfg22 at if you can help.

Tactical Medical Support Director
Soldier's Angels


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