Friday, October 06, 2006

Soldier's Angels - Welcome To Our New Medical Support Blog

Soldier's Angels - Welcome to Medical Support

Welcome to our new blog. The goal is to be able to show you what we are doing for our medics and for our wounded soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait, and most we can help.

This forum is respectfully dedicated to my wife's grandfather:
Alonzo Runnels - US Army, WWI †
to my Uncles:
Harry Swendsen - US Army Medic - Europe, WWII
Paul Swendsen - US Army forward artillery spotter - Europe, WWII †
Carl Swendsen - US Army, WWII †
Roy Swendsen - US Army Air Corp, South Pacific, WWII †
Henry Godskesen - US Army Engineering Corp, WWII †
to my Father-In-Law:
Charlie Runnels - US Navy, Korea †
to my cousin:
Harlan Roy Swendsen - US Navy, Vietnam †
to my Brothers:
Jim G. - US Army, Vietnam
Carlos Hernandez - US Army Huey Helicopter Crewman, Vietnam †
and to my Niece:
Karen B. - US Army Medic, enlisted August, 2006


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