Friday, April 06, 2007

What kind of requests do we get from the medics?

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Our medics ask for various things that they just can't get through normal channels. The US military does a good job of keeping them supplied, but there are the "extras" that come up from time to time.

Some of the most unusual requests I've received?

"Our aid station smells like burnt mustard and baby shit - can you please send air freshners"

"Anything from the goodness of your hearts"
- our Angels loved that one! They've got some awfully big hearts.

"Cigars for the old farts in the unit"
- I'm older than most of them , and I can relate to that.

"Cartoons for the Iraqi kids in our ICU" - gotta love that one.

And then there are the ones that give pause.........

"Pillows for children. Anything to help them feel less frightened"

"Wet-wipes and swiffer floor cleaners to wipe up the blood".

And the one that I'll always be glad we could help with:

"We had a lot of children injured in a bombing. I walked in circles for 6 hours holding one little girl so she could sleep

- is there any way you could send us a rocking chair?"

We got him a kit from, and it arrived in less than 5 days. They got it put together and loved it. Sgt Jason hopes they only use it to sit on the veranda and watch the sunsets - but it's ready in case.


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