Thursday, April 19, 2007

More wonders for the little ones

I write a lot about how hard our medics work to take care of Iraqi and Afghani children who are the most innocent victims of this war. Today I'd like to mention some of the wonderful folks who help make that possible. Here's a little girl with her Mom at the 28th CSH, all wrapped up in a blanket sent by our volunteer Angels.
Mary Jo and the ladies in Florida who had a "tie one on" blanket making party, and shipped over 28 kid's blankets in March.
A collection of "hug me pillows" from Donna and her family in New York. She said they stuffed 50 pillows into a 10-pound box by putting them in a huge bag, then vacuuming all the air out. She added a "Watch out for flying pillows" warning for the medics who opened the box. Wish I'd gotten to see that.

Donna's family sent a rocking chair to the Camp Ramadi aid station so the medic could rock those little ones, too.

Not to mention all the baby clothes, diapers, formula, stuffed animals, toys, games and tons of love sent by dozens of other Angels.


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