Saturday, May 26, 2007


My brand-new contact Nancy at TF Med in Afghanistan has asked for help. They see lots of pediatric patients and writes:

It is amazing how much we take for granted and have that is unheard of here. For instance, we took a picture of one little fellow and his Dad--when we took the photos, his Dad asked for copies and we printed them off on a color printer for him. He was so excited--I don't think pictures are common here at all. so this may have been their first exposure ever to photos.

There is one picture that "Little Smalls" as we call him (the gun shot wound to the abdomen) We also nicknamed the burn fellow "Little Bit". They are adorable and in so much need of love and nurturing that it breaks our hearts also.You and your group are so great to help us meet these needs. We can't thank you enough!!Nancy

This is a small boy the nurses nicknamed Little Smalls who was shot in the abdomen. Nancy said this little guy just won all their hearts. No wonder, with those eyes.

The medics could really use some help with the following items:
-baby formula
-baby bottles
-baby food
-baby clothes
-children's clothing
-baby blankets
-stuffed animals, coloring books, markers (a small "care package" with these items in a gallon-sized ziploc bag would be great)

If you can help, email me for the address.

This is Little Bit. He was burned in an IED attack.


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