Friday, June 08, 2007

What do our brave fighting men in the 1-182 Field Artillery Need Most?


That's what I said when their medic emailed me asking for Vagisil.

"There is one thing I would like to request if you can. On the road soldiers suffer from cases of trench foot the powder doesn't help... the cure is Vagisil. It works better than Tinactin, and it lasts."

So take that, John Madden.

Of course, this means I had to run to the drug store and, yes, once again buy feminine hygeine products by the case. Vagisil was on sale, so I bought the place out of regular and extra-strength tubes. I also picked up all the generic brand they had there - same exact ingredients, so I guess it ought to work OK.

As the cashier, a middle-aged and very nice lady, rang it up she didn't bat an eye. She knows I buy stuff to send to soldiers all the time. She was too professional to ask, so I finally just told her what it was for.

She said "thank goodness you told me, I'd have been wondering all night!".

My buddy Jim at the post office is another Vietnam vet and I made sure to go to his window so I could tell him the whole story. He loved it.



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