Friday, July 20, 2007

A stinking hot July day in Illinois, and a stinking hot July day in Iraq

OK, here's a picture from my backyard a few days ago:

And here's one from Iraq taken about the same time: (

Notice a difference? Yeah, me too. Only it wasn't 120 degrees in Iraq, their thermometer STOPPED at 12o degrees.

My medical units have been asking for drink mixes by the TON, and with a little help from the great folks at the St. Charles, Illinois Jewel store, Soldier's Angels delivered. Tang and Country Time lemonade was on sale "buy one - get one free". I asked if the lady at the desk if Icould buy 10 cases and get 10 cases free so I could send them to some medics in Iraq. She replied, "my daughter is a medic with the National Guard. Let me talk to the store manager. She called him and then said "how does Saturday sound?"

And fans. I got three hospitals who asked if there was any possible way I could send them some oscillating fans. The folks at, who must have the most efficient shipping department in the world, shipped 48 of them to me in 2 days for free!. Then I hauled them off to the post office. My buddies Jimmie, Kevin and Alvia at the East Side PO helped me and we got those fans sent off within 3 more days. I am personally ready for fall!



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