Friday, September 14, 2007

Cold weather is coming, our wounded need blankets

One of my medics wrote that it is getting cooler in Iraq...only 115 degrees yesterday. Still, the fall is coming and it does get cold there. Even more so in Afghanistan, where we also have many American troops. Every wounded soldier who is evacuated by helicopter or airplane needs a blanket to keep warm, and an amazing group of Angels has made thousands of them. The "Blankets of Hope" project provides guidelines for volunteers, collects the blankets and gets them into the hands of medics all over the world for use by our wounded and sick American soldiers. Blanket of Hope made by Soldier's Angel Karen

You can read all about them here, along with directions how to make a blanket yourself. It's easy, they even have directions for "no-sew" blankets that anyone can make. Last Christmas Eve, my family made some as we sat around

We occasionally get photos of the blankets, and they are amazing. I've included a couple of that i got recently, including some made by Karen, who turns out a dozen or so every week with her sewing group.

So keep those blankets coming, our guys need them.



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