Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Once again, Soldier's Angels is lucky to have some Eagle Scout candidates who volunteered to work with us and gather supplies for the wounded.

Matt K. of Venture Crew 364 in Phoenix, AZ. Matt collected Shoes, towels, toiletries, snacks for wounded soldiers and shipped them to LSA Anaconda, Air Force Hospital, Balad, Iraq.
This MOUNTAIN of goodies came to 249 pounds of mail, 20 priority packages and 4 parcel posts. Matt raised all the money to pay for shipping as part of his project too.

Jed L. of Troop 142, Decatur, Georgia: Jed collected t-shirts, socks, towels, washcloths, sweat pants, zip-up hooded sweatshirts, dvd's and phone cards and shipped them to the wounded at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. That's 41 BOXES of supplies, that will help Soldier's Angels assist the wounded guys who are evac'd in from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congratulations and thank you Matt and Jed. I am proud to know you.



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