Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Teddy Bears for Soldier Parents to send home to their kids "Operation Huggabear"

I've been working with a really neat lady for several months on a project so soldiers who are parents can keep connected with their children. She's an author of childrens' books who will send for free, that's FREE, to any unit a set of her books that the parents can use to record themselves reading to their kids. She's providing recordable DVD's too.

But it gets better: her books are about the adventures of two teddy bears, and you can buy the bears to go along with the books. But that's not good enough for Angelique; nope she's dong major fund-raising to send free "that's FREE" bears to any soldier who asks. The deal is that the parent records themselves reading to their child, and then sends the DVD and a real teddy bear from the book home.

If that doesn't make you dig out your tissues, I don't know what.

Her Operation Huggabear project needs some support: she shipped 50 bears to the 86th CSH in Iraq, and just got another request for 35 more the next day You can help by visiting her website and making a donation:

It's easy, and here's how to do it......

For more information, visit her website by clicking HERE . Then click on "OPERATION HUGGABEAR"

OK, go make me proud,


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