Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dear Soldiers’ Angels,

It’s hot here this week, and I bet it’s pretty warm where you are, too. And in the middle of the heat of summer… it’s time to think of winter holidays and Christmas! Yes, we’re making plans to wrap our heroes in love again this holiday season!

The centerpiece of this year’s care package will be our wonderful Soldiers’ Angels travel mugs. I’m so excited! We get such great feedback from soldiers who receive an Angel mug—they just love ‘em!

Major T.A. recently wrote to us, “I just arrived at a deployed location and inherited one of your travel coffee mugs. It keeps my coffee warm and me awake while I work nights. It’s…a reminder to all the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and others who are deployed that we still have the support of our nation behind us.”

Soldiers’ Angels Soldier Liaison Toby Nunn knows how it feels to receive an SA mug with packets of yummy hot chocolate when you’re fighting a war far from home. “It warms your heart. You get to enjoy sweet comfort, just like you when you were a 12-year-old playing with marshmallows. Pure gold,” he says. “It might be only two cups of hot chocolate, but it’ll be the best two cups you’ve ever had, because someone cared enough to send it.”

Please help us make sure each deployed service member knows the nation cares by donating especially to this project—every donation will go directly to buying and shipping the mugs and hot chocolate for our deployed heroes during the holiday season. We need to plan ahead in order to have enough mugs—and so we have until July 8th to raise $138,000 to buy mugs for our deployed heroes this winter!


To warm a soldier’s heart even more, you can write a note to be sent with along with the holiday care package for a hero! Just write it in the Comments section of your online donation, or email it separately to (Subject: "Holiday Note").

Let's pull together to make sure the holiday season is a time of warmth and love for all the service members who will be serving our country far from home this winter! Please help spread the word!


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